Morley St Botolph Abseiling Challenge

Now sceduled for Saturday 23rd July 2022

The start of the challenge is an 8 metre narrow enclosed stone spiral staircase (see photo below) to the bell chamber. Here your harness will be attached to a safety rope while up you climb up a 12 metre ladder (see photo below) onto the Church Tower Roof. You will then have a little time to admire the view (or just take some deep breaths and relax those tense muscles !!).

Next is the real challenge of stepping off the side of the Church and walking backwards (abseiling) down the outside of the Church Tower (see the red lines indicated on the photo).

See below for Ts & Cs

Step outside your comfort zone

Help raise funds to aid the repairs to this ancient Church.

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The view from the church roof

Ts & Cs

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Our Challenge will take place at Morley St Botolph Church, near Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9TH (just a few minutes off the A11) on Saturday 23rd July 2022 between noon and 5:00 pm.

When booking you will be assigned a time slot and you should arrive at least ½ an hour before this time.

If you arrive without prior booking you may still be able to take part in the abseil challenge, but you will have to wait for an available slot, and this cannot be guaranteed. Early booking is strongly recommended.


To take part in the Challenge your height will need to be between 4ft (1.2m) and 6ft 4ins (1.9m), weigh no more than 18 stone (115 kg) and be aged between 8 and 80 years old.

Shorts or trousers must be worn and footwear must be soft soled trainers or similar - To protect the Church walls boots and hard soled shoes will not be acceptable.


The Challenge:

To get onto the Church Tower roof there is a narrow stone, poorly lit, spiral staircase going up to the bell chamber. Here you will be attached to a safety harness and rope before climbing a 12 metre high ladder onto the roof. From here your Instructor will attach you to the abseil rope and the additional safety rope. You will now be assisted to abseil down 60 feet (20 metres) from the Church Tower roof to the ground.



There is a minimum £20 donation, which must be paid with your Application Form. The sponsorship money that you raise for successful completion of the Challenge should be paid within 4 weeks of completing the Challenge.

A Certificate of Achievement will be included in the entrance fee. An additional photograph, taken from the roof, can be purchased on the day for an additional £3 each.

Church Stairs.jpg

The Spiral Staircase

8 metres of narrow, poorly lit and steep spiral staircase to the bell chamber

Morley Church Steel Ladders.jpg

The 12 metre ladder

You will be fitted with a harness and attached to a safety rope and an instructor will ensure you climb the ladder safely.

Event Location

Morley St Botolph Church, Church Road, Morley

Near Wymondham, Norfolk

NR18 9TH