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Our Next Challenge is Now scheduled for Saturday 23rd July 2022
Noon to 5pm

(Weather Dependant)

We help raise money for good causes

by organising Abseil Challenges  and 

Teddy Zipwire events.

Our Current Challenge


A rare opportunity has arisen for a sponsored 60 foot (20 metre) abseil down a medieval Church Tower (see photo below).


Are you up for the challenge to raise money to support this magnificent  old Church ?

A children's Teddy Bear Zipwire Challenge will run alongside the Abseil Challenge.  

The money / donations will go towards the Church maintenance & upkeep, as the event is managed by experienced volunteers.

Our Current Challenge is on Saturday, 23rd July 2022 (noon to 5:00pm)

A 60 foot (20 metre) abseil off a medieval Church Tower in Morley St Botolph, Norfolk (near Wymondham) NR18 9TH

To complete the challenge, you must make your way up 8 metres of narrow, poorly lit and enclosed stone spiral staircase, to the bell chamber. Then be harnessed up and climb a 12 metre ladder onto the Church Tower Roof. You will then have a little time to admire the view (or just take some deep breaths and relax those tense muscles !!).


Next is the real challenge of stepping off the side of the Church and walking backwards (abseiling) down the outside of the Church Tower.


Simple !!

Oh, and of course there will be tea, coffee and sticky buns available.

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